Essential Services For Nitro™ Radios

Support When You Need It

Motorola SLN 1000

Take full control of your communications network. Nitro’s fully managed platform combines business-critical voice with private broadband data - enabling a unified, seamless, hassle-free operation. Advanced capabilities ensure communications are safe, clear and reliable across your entire enterprise.

With Essential Services for Nitro, you can keep your two-way radios secure and up-to-date. Essential Services provides software updates, technical support and hardware repair. Coverage is included with the purchase of your Nitro two-way radio, and can be extended past the coverage period for an additional subscription.

Essential Services Key Components

  • Software updates
  • Hardware repair
  • Technical support

Software Updates, Anywhere, Anytime

Essential Services for Nitro gives you access to certified and tested software updates via the Nitro Cloud Portal.

Software updates protect your investment and provide access to new features as they are developed - expanding your capabilities beyond voice for increased productivity, reliability and safety.

Rely On Expert Repair

State-of-the-art diagnostics equipment, repair tools and replacement parts help ensure your radios are protected from normal wear and tear and are back in operation. Two-way shipping is included. All radios are returned to factory specifications and updated with the latest firmware. Our service centers are certified to comply with ISO9001.

Access Technical Support

Motorola Solutions’ Technical Support service provides telephone consultation for technical issues requiring Nitro knowledge and troubleshooting capabilities. Remote Technical Support is delivered through the Motorola Solutions Support Center (SSC) by a staff of technical support specialists skilled in diagnosis and swift resolution of radio performance and operational issues. Motorola Solutions understands the importance of maintaining business-critical systems. That’s why it applies leading industry standards to record, monitor, escalate and report technical service calls from its customers.

Expand Your Coverage

Motorola Solutions’ two-way radios are built for superior performance. But they understand that accidents happen. With the Accidental Damage option, water, chemical or physical abuse are covered - making your radio repair and replacement costs fixed and predictable. All radios are returned to factory specifications, updated with the supported firmware and shipped back to you. Service centers are certified to comply with ISO9001.


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