Evaluating Your Needs - Glossary of Terms

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Talking Tech: Understanding Technology

Need clarification on some of our features and technology? We’ve put together a short glossary of key terms to help you decide which devices best meet your needs.

Radios Defined

Licensed Radios - Analog
The traditional option for business operations that require instantaneous push-to-talk communications. Provide greater coverage, more reliable calling and greater functionality than unlicensed radios.

Licensed Radios - Digital
All the features of analog but with enhanced benefits that include improved call clarity, longer battery life, wider coverage. Plus digital devices support the option of adding data applications.

Standards Defined

MIL Standard
Products bearing the MIL standard have been designed to comply with stringent U.S. Military Standard specifications and procedures (MIL-STD) for high performance and reliability.

A classification of a product’s protection against water and dust. IP67 products can withstand damage from fine dust and immersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Digital Mobile Radio is a European telecommunications standard developed as a replacement for analog commercial tier radios.

Radio Enhancing Add-Ons

Intelligent Audio
Intelligent Audio detects surrounding noise and automatically adjusts radio volume accordingly.

Accessories with IMPRES Audio optimize the performance of radios so voice conversations are clearer, crisper and louder, regardless of noise levels.

IMPRES™ Energy
Batteries, radios and chargers in the IMPRES energy system communicate with each other to maximize device run times and to ensure battery lifetime is extended.

Noise Cancellation
Noisy environments make it difficult to understand what’s being said. Devices with noise cancellation cut out background noise, allowing the user’s voice to get through.

Transmit Interrupt
Allows supervisors to take control of a busy channel by interrupting an on-going call so critical communications can get through during an emergency.

Data Applications Defined

Location Tracking
GPS tracking and asset management solutions allow easy tracking of people, vehicles and other assets, both on and off site. Improves field communications, productivity and asset allocation.

Lone Worker
An application that enables periodic checking of personnel operating in isolated areas. Lone Worker provides a safeguard against unforeseen accidents and emergencies.

Man Down
This safety application monitors physical motion of the radio and can automatically call for help when unexpected movement (or lack of movement) is detected.

An ideal feature for drivers and other personnel working hands-free, text-to-speech enables radios to read out text such as messages and work order tickets.