Motorola Solutions Safe Utilities

SAFE, FAST RESTORATION PLANS DETECT OUTAGE AREAS ASSESSED FOR DAMAGE ANALYZE RESOURCES DISPATCHED Nearby crews with proper equipment are dispatched immediately to repair the site. Fire and EMS are directly notified of the situation and arrive on scene to block of the area and keep the public safe. COMMUNICATE INCIDENT MANAGED AND REPORTED Central operations monitors the situation via video and an incident report is logged with relevant data. Estimated return to power times are updated in the customer facing systems. RESPOND DISASTER RECOVERY Use Case Live feed of UAV flying over a devastated geographic area to detect issues causing power outage is shared with assessment experts over the Private LTE/900Mhz BB network. Outage detection sensor data monitoring power voltages sent to control center. Wildfires near power lines are detected spreading quickly on the vegetation cover. GPS locations are identified of area requiring repair. Alerts sent to cut power immediately before ground fires start.