Motorola Solutions Safe Utilities

COPPER THEFT AT A REMOTE SUBSTATION INTRUSION DETECTED AT REMOTE SUBSTATION An intruder is detected getting out of a vehicle and jumping the fence of a remote substation. Security is directly notified and live video is transmitted over Private LTE to the control center. DETECT APPEARANCE TRACKED Situational awareness maintained as intruder’s appearance is automatically tracked across multiple cameras on and around the substation. Tracking continues even if they appear at another facility. ANALYZE RESOURCES DISPATCHED Location and appearance of intruder is determined and shared across security teams to apprehend intruder and potentially prevent theft. Security uses microphone to warn intruder they have been detected. COMMUNICATE FIRST RESPONSE DISPATCHED Local police directly informed with video for immediate response. Incident is logged with pre-populated fields and relevant data to facilitate post investigation and prosecution. RESPOND Use Case