Motorola Solutions Safe Manufacturing

Attract, train and retain qualified talent as manufacturing skill sets evolve due to advanced technology and automation. 2,334.6 B Create a production environment that is safe and secure for employees, visitors, property and assets. INTELLIGENT, EFFICIENT PRODUCTION SAFETY & SECURITY OPTIMIZED SUPPLY CHAIN Optimize manufacturing processes and equipment to produce quality products while reducing costs and minimizing downtime. Meet and exceed customer expectations while maintaining visibility and transparency in materials, production and delivery schedules. UPSKILLED WORKFORCE In total output contributions by 12.8M employed in US manufacturing, -National Association of Manufacturer 395K Manufacturing workplace injuries in 2019. - Bureau of Labor Statistics $3.7 T Potential value creation by those implementing Industry 4.0 into operations in 2025. -World Economic Forum / McKinsey 15% Productivity improvements by end of 2021 for 50% of manufacturing supply chains who invest in supply chain resiliency and AI. - IDC The promise to deliver quality products to customers efficiently and profitably is only possible in an environment built on a foundation of safety. THE PROMISE OF MODERN MANUFACTURING