WAVE Resources

WAVE Resources


WAVE™ Two-Way Radio Brochure
Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network* with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE two-way radio gets your team connected fast.

WAVE Data Sheets

WAVE TLK-100 Data Sheet
Push-To-Talk (PTT) is no longer only for two-way radios. Group communication can now include those who rely on smartphones and broadband devices as well as two-way radios.

WAVE OnCloud Data Sheet
Instantly connect your team at the push of a button regardless of location, network or device with a WAVE OnCloud subscription service.

WAVE Broadband PTT Moblie Application Data Sheet
Turn your phone into a Push-To-Talk (PTT) handset and get instant communication anywhere you have broadband service.

WAVE Dispatch Data Sheet
Login from any Internet connection to manage your resources and coordinate an effective operation.

Specifaction Sheets

WAVE Two-Way Radio Specification Sheet


Discover the Evolution of Push-to-Talk


TLK100 12 Bay Charger
TLK100 Mobile Charger
TLK100 CarKit
TLK100 CarKit No Lock
TLK100 Desktop

Case Studies

Alabama School District Drives Greater Safety Across The County
Elmore County Public Schools sought a better way to connect its schools and bus fleet to improve student safety and accountability. MOTOTRBO, WAVE and GPS tracking helped to unify the district's communications and personnel.

Air Evac Lifeteam Uses WAVE to Extend Emergency Communications
WAVE helps Air Evac Lifeteam affordably achieve near-unlimited scalability, greater efficiency, extensive communications interoperability and system redundancy.

British Airways Deploys Wave to Extend Ground-to-Air Radio Communications to Desktop PCs
WAVE provides British Airways with a flexible and scalable ground-to-air communications capability that can be extended to any location in the world. WAVE helps optimize aircraft operations and leverage investments in existing assets around the airport.

City of Metropolis Embraces Motorola’s WAVE for Incident Planning and Response
Using WAVE’s communication architecture, Metropolis was able to unify its communications system between Massac County’s emergency management personnel, staff at the uranium processing facility and disparate agencies within the city itself.

Fort Worth Speeds Emergency Response with WAVE (Written)
The Fort Worth Emergency Operations Center uses WAVE for interoperable push-to-talk between the dozens of responding agencies it coordinates with during disasters.

San Luis Obispo County Implements Next-Generation Communications System That Links Radios with Smartphones
San Luis Obispo County turned to Motorola Solutions and its WAVE Broadband Push-to-Talk solution to help implement one of the nation’s first strictly IP-based systems that supports the use of smartphones and tablets for critical communications.

US Forest Service Builds a Flexible Communications System with WAVE
The Forest Service appreciates the flexibility and reliability of its WAVE-based interoperability solution and continues to find new ways to use WAVE for everyday and emergency communications.

White Papers

Broadband Push-To-Talk: Considerations for LMR Integration
If you are looking at how to make your LMR systems interoperable with broadband networks this white paper provides advice on the enabling technologies to help guide your decision.

Top Six Priorities for Unified Communications
The 2016 Motorola Commercial Survey offers revealing insights into unified communication trends in a variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada. These ranged from manufacturing to utilities to K-12 education.

PTT Technology Evolution
Learn how push-to-talk has evolved from the early 20th century to today.