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Our vast industry knowledge allows us to provide clients with innovative ideas that help them improve productivity, profitability and proficiency.


The R7 offers game-changing audio capabilities in a rugged, future-ready device. Its advanced audio processing ensures that your communications are loud and clear.


The MOTOTRBO™ Ion smart radio is the first business ready communication device with all-on voice and broadband data capabilities.

Create Your Own Secure
Private LTE Network With Nitro

Nitro™ delivers enterprise-grade private broadband that outperforms Wi-Fi while providing unmatched simplicity and control.

Project Consultation
and Management

At National Orders we are fully committed to offering our clients Professional Service Solutions. We do this through a dedicated team of professionals who have years of experience and industry knowledge.

Broadband PTT Devices
and Wireless Service

WAVE PTX™ is a subscription-based group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.

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"Hot Swap"

Allows you, the customer, to immediately replace your communications components without shutting down your system.


Our certified technicians ensure your radios are fixed right the first time! Your equipment will be repaired to the manufacturers specifications and operate at its full potential.


We offer ordering options that fit your needs. You can log into our website to view and order radios and accessories, you can email orders or your PO to us, and you can call us toll free!

Support Ticket

We make it easy to get help right away. Utilize our support ticket feature to quickly and easily report any support issues your have, from billing to service or delivery, and everything in between.

Order Status

Always know the status of your orders, repairs and requests using our online look-up tool. Quickly access the information you need when you need it.

Warranty Lookup

Quickly determine the warranty status of your Motorola radio using our online warranty lookup tool.


For two decades, National Orders has been the cornerstone of integrated communications solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of software, applications, systems, accessories, and services tailored to your success. What sets us apart? Our commitment to customer satisfaction. As we commemorate this milestone, we extend our gratitude to our valued customers and dedicated team members who have been instrumental in our journey. Here's to twenty years of excellence and to many more years of innovation and success ahead!

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We provide fully-integrated communications solutions, complete with the software, applications, systems, accessories and services you need to succeed.

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We are fully committed to offering our clients Professional Service Solutions
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Featured Services

Radio as a Service (RaaS)

We offer a variety of solutions that include both wireline and wireless services, to help you reduce costs, fuel growth and improve customer service.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) solutions give your organization the power it needs to be more productive and the insight to help reduce the risk of safety incidents.