eClips eTriggers™ Usage Controls

The eClips eTriggers™ Usage Controls are easy-to-use solutions that give you the ability to Control Expenses, and Manage Employees Phones Usage to Policy. eClips eTriggers™ Usage Controls provides you with the peace of mind that your work phones are being used responsibly. Giving you lower communication cost and stronger policy enforcement.


You can and will drive down your monthly wireless cost by using this effective communication and control solution

  • Manage usage as it's happening, not after it's too late to change
  • Set emails/text messages to go to phone user for encouraging usage rules and notifications
  • Send managers email notification when usage settings are triggered
  • Customize the settings for each line on your account
  • Reporting options are available


Usage Control

  • Set an allotted time for each user. This will be the trigger that is used to communicate effectively to your staff so that they fall in line with usage limits you set.
  • Email/text alerts can be triggered at 50%, 75% and 100% so the user and management are notified
  • Cellular Phone can be restricted for the remainder of the billing cycle if preset allotted time is reached


Number Watch Control

  • Set a trigger for up to five phone numbers.
  • You can set the number of calls per day or percent to-total-calls to manage when user is calling personal numbers too often
  • Great for seeing when employees are calling personal numbers like spouses cell phones or home phone too much


Time OF Day/Night ControlTime of Day/Night Control

  • Designate specific times when you don't want users using the phones to avoid added cost
  • Notify Manager and Admin when phones are being used outside of business hours


Text Messaging Control

  • Notify User, Manager and Admin when user starts to hit allotted texting packages
  • 100%, 125% and 150% triggers are available
  • Suspension of Texting is an option


411 Control

  • 411 usage drastically is reduced when abusers receive email notifications of abuse
  • Monthly reporting is available showing user, phone #, number of 411 calls and cost


911 Control

  • Manager and others can get email when user calls 911
  • Great for knowing the details of possible legal or human resource liabilities immediately



  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly reporting options are available


General Question/Answers

1. How much does eClips eTriggers™ cost?
$2.99 per month for each line subscribed to the service. Special discounted price.


2. How do I begin to use eClips eTriggers™ ?
Simply call 877-702-2076 and say; I want to set up my account on eClips eTriggers™ . The set up of your account is done for you. An eClips eTriggers™ specialist will work with you one-on-one to make sure you are set up correctly


Clips eTriggers™3. How do I change eClips eTriggers™ after I've initially set up my account?
You will have the ability to update any or all of your settings at anytime you wish. You can email them in, log into the web site and make changes or simply by calling 877-702-2076 to make changes.


4. What phones can I use eClips eTriggers™ on?
Any Sprint or Nextel phone can be set up to use lips eTriggers™.


5. Does it matter what rate plans our users are on?
The eClips eTriggers™ control system accounts for all Sprint Nextel rate plans. This means that if Mobile-To-Mobile, Nights & Weekends or Free Incoming Minutes is part of your plan, the system will not count those minutes towards your allotted minutes in your triggers.



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