Inventory Management

Managing the daily needs of most organizations fixed and mobile communications inventory is like trying to hit a moving target in the middle of a hurricane. Inventory is in a perpetual state of flux, with new orders and moves, adds, changes, and disconnects to existing inventory continually changing the landscape, making it a challenge to stay accurate and tie expenses back to the appropriate cost centers or users.


Inventory Management clients benefit from technology-driven services that allow fixed and mobile inventory to reside in one centralized database with each item linked to the corresponding contracted rate and audit, usage, spend, and activity data available down to the individual item level. eClips™ Inventory Management ensures that organizations actually pay for what they are using by tracking changes to products, rates, and activities, alerting clients to under and non-utilized inventory, products, and services, and validating inventory against invoices and contracts.


eClips™Inventory Management provides:
  • A single, enterprise-wide repository of inventory by contact, cost center, entity, and employee
  • Automatic tracking of changes to each attribute (profiles, products, rates, monthly activities)
  • Alerts for under/non-utilized inventory, products, and services
  • Better planning and management of company-wide products and services



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