Invoice Management

It’s no surprise that more than 50 percent of large organizations don’t know their exact communications spend. Monthly fixed and mobile telecom invoices are detailed, complex and, for some Fortune 500 companies, over 100 pages in length.


Manual processing of telecom invoices has become virtually impossible for many organizations, with the average mid-market enterprise receiving more than 300 invoices per month. The intricacies of ever-changing inventory, hundreds of thousands of rate plans, and complex terms and conditions result in invoices that are “rubber stamped,” or incur penalties due to late payment. With Aberdeen estimating that 7-12 percent of all communications invoices are in error, clearly businesses are leaving money on the table.


Organizations of any size can leverage the strength of National Orders eClips™ Invoice Management to effectively administer and support every aspect of their carrier billing, from receipt and loading of invoices into our proprietary technology to the auditing of invoices and allocation of costs, to the approval, payment, and tracking of carrier billing. Vast amount of paper bills are eliminated and billing turnaround cycles and late fees are reduced.


With a consolidated view of all fixed and mobile billing, organizations gain the benefits of operational flexibility and process efficiencies that free them to focus on core competencies. eClips™ Invoice Management capabilities include:



  • Invoice acquisition
  • Invoice loading
  • Invoice tracking
  • Invoice allocations
  • Invoice approvals
  • Integrate to AP and GL systems
  • Cost Allocations
  • Invoice Payment Configuration



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